"Best Vacation Ever" EP

"Introduction" - Well, it's the first song. Quite short. Drums and Keyboard, which is a combination that should be exploited more often. Recorded in Susaek, right beside the World Cup Stadium in Seoul. The keyboard part was written when I worked in a Kindergarten and had to keep 4 and 5 year old Korean kids amused during the 40 minute break. I would often do so by going nuts on the piano. Kids love stupid noises. In fact, if you put your ears even closer to the headphones, you can hear some children from that same Kindergarten shouting, presumably some immature nonsense.

"Oh, For Fuck's Sake" - It's about missing someone who is also on the other side of the world, but who you won't see until you both return to the other other side of the world. There is a minimum of trivia about this song.

"The Apologist" - I'll be honest with you. The lyrics were an afterthought. Something about surgeons removing someone's brain to stop him apologizing...maybe. I know I had a point at the time. This is often the case. Someone has sound it sounds like Love. The band, not the emotion.

"Sang Mi & Yu Mi" - A very old melody. Recorded in a rehearsal room in Hongdae, near where I work. The staff gave me a quizical look when I arrived, and a pitying look when I left. There wasn't enough riffage, I'm assuming. Sang Mi and Yu Mi were two students in my Conversation Class last year. Sang Mi since graduated and is now a jobseeker. Yu Mi is in her sophomore year and I occasionally meet her on campus corridors. She's in good form.

"Tillage" - Recorded in a kitchen. First recorded use of a cello. A minor triumph, considering I've never actually sat down and learned how to play the thing. Lyrics are pretty much nonsensical. Lyrics writing is the most difficult part of all of this. But we're saying "No!" to a rhyming dictionary.

"Bat Toes" - From 2004. A nice song about being misunderstood for being a stalker. All about trying to meet someone's eyes, going out of your way to do so, then doing so and going out of your way to get out of their way. I was listening to a lot of Beat Happening back then. Who wasn't?

"Regretsplatz" - Named because I like German sounding things, and I 'm a huge fan of remorse. Guitar instrumental. Those words would otherwise fill a man with horror, but it's quite short and quite sweet. Recorded in my bathroom at home, which is 5 foot 8 inches in height. I'm 5 foot 7. There was no rocking out. Jaguar Song - A song by a Korean girl called Jaguar. The Korean title translates as 'Let's Start'...it's about eating ice cream, meeting up and generally having a good time. Deny that, and you're a fool.

"Frankfurt" - I've been in Frankfurt eight times, but only seen its Airport. Which is saddening. I'm told by someone in the know that it's a sordid shithole of a city. But it's always nice to see from above, surrounded by the Black Forest. A piano piece, recorded live to the internal microphone of an mp3 player while two Kindergarten teachers and four little children talked and screamed and educated behind me.

The EP was named on a KTX (fastest train in the world at 300 km/h) from Busan to Seoul on a Sunday evening. A set of lyrics were composed, but were guff.