So cow could be described as "lo-fi with notions". recording his songs onto eight track cassette in a basement in a flood-prone area of seoul, south korea, he continues on a quest to meld the finest of classic indie rock moves with a sprinkling of bullish audio experimentation...experimentation borne of the fact that he remains oblivious to such odd and frightening terms as EQ, Compression and Frequencies, preferring instead to twist the knobs and see what happens. this "record and run" approach has spawned a monstrous number of recordings, each weirdly special and especially weird. so cow has recorded music for years, sending out limited edition runs (we're talking ten copies at most) of his collections...although dabbling in one or two music groups, so cow prefers the solo route, favouring the manual loveliness of playing, recording, mixing, mastering and burning all on his lonesome. and so it will continue. this ep was recorded in november and december of 2005, using expensive microphones (borrowed) and cheap instruments (found). so cow is more than happy to be associated with rusted rail.

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Oh, For Fuck's Sake