Good Shepherd "Ah...Good The Sea" E.P.

Basically the work of Duncan Poyser, "Ah...Good The Sea" contains five perfectly formed tracks that are gently pastoral in flavour, their delicate melodies and instrumentation taking the listener on a journey through rolling hills, waving meadows and lazy clifftop days. Opening song "Sunday Morning Son" drifts in like a hazy morning, notes dancing in the sunshine paving the way for a haunting vocal line that will slow your heartbeat in an instant with its West-Coast vibe. On "Flown the Other Side" the mood is maintained, acoustic songwriting at its finest, whilst "Slow Down" has traces of John Martyn in the laid back jazzy percussion that underpins its simple melodic pleasures. Shimmering in a cloak of gentle effects, "The Beast" is softly spoken Psych-Folk, that fades like a dream before "Cold Swell Rising" brings it all to a close, melting out of the speakers to coat you in bliss, ending a damn near perfect collection that will become an essential part of your collection.