Darkr Earlyr
(Rusted Rail)

Rusted Rail is proud to announce the release of "Darkr Earlyr" by Cubs. The sophomore album by the left-of-field folky group has been gestating for a while but far from being a difficult second album, Darkr Earlyr emerges at a time when folk-influenced music is on the rise in Ireland again. Featuring members of A Lilac Decline, Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon, United Bible Studies, The Driftwood Manor and Loner Deluxe, the album veers from dream-folk mirages to more grounded acoustic songcraft, as the Cubs collective explore both the outer reaches of cloudy improvisation and groupthink rustic anthems. Backwoods progressions sit side-by-side with heartstring playing, as Darkr Earlyr combines fireside folk and stargazing songs.

"Perpetual Light" e.p.
(Rusted Rail)

  1. Gulliver
  2. Perpetual Light
  3. Hummingbird/McAlindens Lament
  4. Stonewalker
  5. The First Day of Winter
  6. The Blessing of Rest
  7. White Owl
  8. Shadowbrook
  9. From The Wilderness
  10. Taken To The Bed

Rusted Rail is proud to announce the release of "Perpetual Light" a ten-track 3inch extended player by folk voyagers Cubs. Recorded in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and Sweden, "Perpetual Light" emerges as a loose sequel to their "Willowfield" EP from 2012. Traversing territories and sonic space, inhabited by ghosts, birds and bells, this 3" EP is housed in a hand-assembled and hand-stamped card sleeve featuring a cover photo of a Super8 still from a film by Cecilia Danell.

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(Rusted Rail)

  1. Willowfield
  2. Lowering of Ropes
  3. Foxglove
  4. Hollycroft
  5. Passages from a Drunken Notebook
  6. Sun Plots
  7. When Skies Split Open
  8. Stonyford
  9. The Last Day of Spring
  10. With Candles We Walk

Rusted Rail is proud to announce the release of "Willowfield" a ten-track 3inch extended player by outsider-folk outfit Cubs. Recorded in Belfast, Cork, Galway and Sheffield, these bijou pieces form an intriguing mosaic of 21st century psychedelic-folk. For this recording, Cubs comprise six collaborators: Aaron Hurley (Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon), Cecilia Danell, Eddie Keenan (The Driftwood Manor), Paul O'Reilly, James Rider (United Bible Studies) and Keith Wallace (Loner Deluxe) who craft a fine patchwork of lysergic late night lullabies, spooked campfire ballads and space age folk transmissions. This 3" EP is housed in a hand-assembled and hand-stamped card sleeve featuring a cover photo by Cecilia Danell of an acoustic guitar that perished during the recording of the EP.

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"The Whispering Woods"
(Rusted Rail/Deadslackstring)

  1. Stonewater
  2. Impressions of Chloe/Hidden Valley
  3. Whispering Woods
  4. Fortis Green
  5. Blackberry Lane
  6. Frozen Lake
  7. Watching the Fireworks
  8. Neachtain's Snug
  9. The First Time of Asking
  10. Lunar Electrification Program
  11. In Cubs There is No North or South
  12. The Second Time of Asking
  13. The Great Frost

Also Available - Rusted Rail and Deadslackstring are proud they announced the release of "The Whispering Woods" by Cubs - a recording project featuring members of Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon, United Bible Studies, C Joynes, Plinth, Agitated Radio Pilot, Yawning Chasm and other travellers on the folky-margins. Featuring eleven musicians and thirteen songs, the album was recorded in Ireland, England and Africa.
Born out of improvisation, Cubs have delivered an album album of 21st century psych-folk stylings comprised of late night lysergic lullabies, occasionally electrocuted acoustica and cosmic composition, while also finding time to take in spectral strings, backwoods progressions and tripped-out trad. The album is housed in a beautiful hand-assembled sleeve.

"Stonewater" E.P.
(Rusted Rail)

  Cool Filter
  Opening Doors (edit)
  In Memory of Mariners Lost at Sea
  Bijou Banjolin
  Mountain Folk Wandering

Also Available - "Stonewater" ep (2007). Formed under the influence of long winter nights and the avoidance of musical hibernation Cubs have delivered an ep of intimate, improvised instrumentals and night time melodies. These recordings emerged from late night sessions beneath the stars and rain in a glasshouse in Galway on the west coast of Ireland, and veer from oblique takes on folk to rustic evocations with a hint of the space-age through to bijou interludes. Weaving mandolin, guitar, accordion, tin whistle, banjolin and occasional wordless singing, Cubs forge a completely improvised yet coherently intimate set of songs.

Video for "Embers" by Cubs

Video for "Swallows Will Be Leaving" by Cubs.

Video for "Little Cave/Howling on the Hill" by Cubs.

Video for "Lunar Electrification Program" by Cubs.
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Video for "Blackberry Lane" by Cubs.
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Video for "Willowfield" by Cubs.
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Video for "Gulliver" by Cubs.
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Video for "Lowering of Ropes" by Cubs.
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