"The Shadow is That Hidden" is a six song EP by west of Ireland-based home recording artist Yawning Chasm. All songs were written, performed and recorded by Aaron M. Coyne (who is also one half of Rusted Rail act Mirakil Whip) onto cassette 4-track in the cosy confines of a shed in Galway, throughout April, May and June of 2009. Fingerpicked slo-motion folk stylings and hauntological sonics are coaxed from tenor guitar, mandolin, mandobird, keyboard, guitar pedals, vocals and transistor radio dial: maybe you could call it sci-fi lo-fi. This E.P. is no longer for sale but is available from Bandcamp.

YC - To The Void mp3 edit Yawning Chasm
"The Shadow is That Hidden" EP

  1. To The Void
  2. Stars are Going Out
  3. Tumble River
  4. Monsters
  5. Your Bones Will Bleach White
  6. Distant Fires