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We first came across Plinth sharing space on a Geographic compilation with The Pastels, Kevin Shields and Maher Shalal Hash Baz a few years back and were subsequently enraptured by their lullabies for grown up children. A few years later and Plinth has delivered an extended player called "Victorian Machine Music". What's it all about? Plinth explains, "all music within is sourced from the creaking, winding, piping, chiming and wood-knocking of victorian parlour music machines, recordings were sourced from vinyl, cassette archives, internet resources and my own recordings". And now Plinth has revisited the classic "Wintersongs" EP, expanding it to a forty minute deluxe edition of wonderful winter warmth. From the southern coast of England, the Dorset sound emerges...

Click here for "Plinth Plays Victorian Machine Music" live review.

Victorian Machine Music 5

for C.S.
hearth part 1 (edit) 
lucia's day parts 1 to 3
anniversary waltz
frey and gulliburstin (edit) 
tom bowcock's eve