Rusted Rail is proud to announce the release of 'When The Weather Clears' by Songs of Green Pheasant, the follow up to 'Soft Wounds', his acclaimed 2012 release for the label. The musical project of Stockport-based Duncan Sumpner, Songs of Green Pheasant has delivered a truly immersive collection of songs, an album of foggy impressionism. Ritualistic mantras emerge from hypnotic grooves whilst eerily evocative nocturnal melodies are subsumed by cloudy washes, as sonic storms beset the gentle meanderings. The album pivots around the dreamfolk-pop gem of 'Hello', as Sumpner's soundworld unfurls enveloping shrouds of levitational vocals over rustic underpinnings while pealing trumpets float over homehewn rhythms, tethering these ghostly transmissions to earthly roots. The 6-panel cardboard CD sleeve features sumptuous surrealist artwork by Sumpner.

"Rusted Rail is delighted to release the new digital single from Songs of Green Pheasant, 'Hello', via Bandcamp today! The tune is a summer folk-pop gem and is the first single ahead of the release of the full length Songs of Green Pheasant album "When The Weather Clears", which will see the light of day on CD on Rusted Rail later on in 2020.."

Rusted Rail is proud to announce the release of "Soft Wounds" by Songs of Green Pheasant. Following a trinity of releases on FatCat records, "Soft Wounds" is Songs of Green Pheasant's first release since 2007. The musical project of Sheffield-based Duncan Sumpner, Songs of Green Pheasant have now found a home for their homespun candle-lit narcoleptic folk at Rusted Rail. Written and recorded by Sumpner on 4-track and 8-track machines, the album's dreamfolk-pop stylings are cloaked in a gentle fog of impressionistic instrumentation and cloudy harmonies. An ideal late night or rainy day listen, these hazey transmissions reveal a sonambulant songcraft which can proudly nestle comfortably next to drifting pioneers such as Hood, Talk Talk and Bark Psychosis. Wrap up warm for the winter with Songs of Green Pheasant. This CD is housed in a hand-assembled and hand-stamped recycled card sleeve featuring artwork by Duncan Sumpner.