"And then it rained for seven days", an eight track mini-album by Music for Dead Birds. The west of Ireland duo initially envisioned themselves as a bedroom-recording project yet soon found their way onto a stage and made the acquaintance of Rusted Rail. "And then it rained for seven days" is harvested from an ever increasing sonic stockpile of song encompassing lo-fi bedroom folk, occasional folk-punk flourishes and tentatively upbeat acoustic songwriting. Recorded throughout 07/08 in various sheds, attics and bedrooms in Galway and Mayo, and featuring additional production by Loner Deluxe, their music ranges from intimate late night recordings to more strident and spooked songs emerging from mid-fidelity to display their rough hewn charms and ensure that the spirit of the early 90's home-tapers is alive and well in the west of Ireland. This 3inch hand-stamped EP/mini-album is housed in a handmade sleeve.

Music for Dead Birds
"And then it rained for seven days..."

  1. 17
  2. What did you expect?
  3. The Sex
  4. To grow up wet
  5. Pill, oh
  Four years from now
  7. Houses on hilltops
  8. Dead to me