Mirakil Whip - "PCP EP" (Rusted Rail)
With a blend of electronica structure, experimental folk, reverberating guitars, and emotional indie vocals, Mirakil whip released a very impressive and varied EP last year, simply titled 'PCP'. It is a release which I had overlooked until recently. Lead track 'Hot', for the first 30 seconds or so, reminds of early New Order, with militaristic beats, a synth harmony, and vulnerable downbeat vocal and lyrics. Then the reverberating guitars kick in, with ample crunch and grit, and you could almost be listening to early Pavement. An excellent track, yet it still doesn't capture all of what Mirakil whip are about... This is followed by 'Mushi Mushi', an elegant piece of ambient electronica, before we are then treated to a Sebadoh style acoustic track in 'Candle Falls'. Fourth is another instrumental piece, this one sounding particularly alt-folk, dominated by the use of a mandolin and an accordion. Fifth, we are back to reverberating guitars in 'She Added Some Gel', quite americana indie-rock in style and reminding me a lot of Yo La Tengo around the time of 'I can hear the heart beating as one', and an excellent track. Bringing the EP to a close is then 'PCP song', a dreamy indie track with slow minimalist instrumentation, and this time with a soft female vocal, it is again quite different from the others. All in all, this is a very varied EP, quite inventive, and I would have to say one of solid quality throughout. Highly recommended. Frequency Ireland

I was very sceptical of this disc when I first heard it, mainly because it seemed to be following an electro-indie rock formula that seemed way too familiar. The first two songs gave every indication that this was the case, sounding something like Postal Service with Stephen Malkmus on vocals. I was happy to find that the last four tracks felt entirely different (more sincere?), and I was able to get into the songs more and even look past the vocals sounding so much like Pavement. There really is a lot to like about these songs. They work around simple chord progressions of acoustic or electric guitar, mandolin, and accordion; leaving out most of the extraneous electronics from the first two tracks. The lyrics and vocal delivery are personal, quirky, and laidback, and the male vocalist seems entirely natural talking about haircuts on "She Added Some Gel" (hands down my favorite track). The EP ends on a high note with the odd lo-fi dirge, "PCP Song", which shows this two piece headed into yet another direction. Luckily for Mirakil Whip, the good outweighs the so-so on this EP. Maybe it's not the most original thing I've heard, but it does have its own unique quirks that make it worthwhile. 7/10
Foxy Digitalis

First impression: Jonathan Richman meets electropop. An alliance of 2 sounds I like a lot and a winner, for sure from this Irish duo... but there's more... acoustic guitar, sampled female voice, mandolin and accordion too. I think Mirakil Whip have an album in the pipeline and I know I'll like it when it comes. For now, this is another Rusted Rail 3" you should not miss.
Boa Melody Bar

Mirakil Whip's PCP EP is a mini-CD featuring handmade packaging on Rusted Rail Records. Some tracks are indie rock with a vocal sound reminiscent of Pavement with the addition of electronic beats and synthesizers, others are pretty, gentle instrumental electronic tracks reminiscent of Mum, Rephlex artists, Plone, etc... For those not afraid of music with a multiple-personality disorder this is a pretty record.
Left Hip

Mirakil Whip are an Irish based electronic indie outfit featuring Aaron Coyne and Anne Marie Deacy, lo-fi electronic beats and synth sounds meets fuzzy distorted guitars with vocals straight out of the Pavement or Sebadoh school, try to imagine the electronic beats and sounds of the Postal Service or Schneider TM blended with the slacker rock sound, really really high quality stuff, 3 inch cd in a superb handmade card sleeve from the Irish based Rusted Rail label.
Road Records

Another eclectic mix, this girl-boy duo plays what was "college rock" in Clinton's America, with lessons from Pavement ("Hot"), Dinosaur Jr. ("Candle Falls"), and 4AD en masse (best track: "She added some gel"). The band's trouble-free songs are augmented with the modern sounds of programmed beats and synths, as well as warm flourishes of accordion and mandolin. In general, the music is relaxed and slinky, even when it pops. PCP must be something else where they're from.