Rusted Rail is delighted to release a new album from Loner Deluxe called 'Field Recordings' - available on CD in a lush 6-panel sleeve and as a digital download via Bandcamp today!
The musical alter ego of Rusted Rail's Keith Wallace, Loner Deluxe presents the sequel to 2017's 'Songs I Taped Off the Radio' cassette release which featured a phalanx of collaborators. 'Field Recordings' finds Loner Deluxe slimmed down to a core trio of Wallace, Cecilia Danell (A Lilac Decline) and Brian Kelly (So Cow).
The album draws on a wide palette of sounds, from lo-fi bedroom pop with a fuzzy, garage rock edge, to evocative electronica, propelled by the most melodious of bass lines; from stoned, deadpan, hazy hip-hop to instrumentals that sound like they could have slipped down the back of a couch at the Radiophonic Workshop studio, only now emerging into the light of day. What unites these seemingly disparate sounds is the very intimate feel of these handmade recordings. Building on his previously self-invented genre of 'UFOlk', the influence of the cosmos continues on this collection - space is still the place.

Rusted Rail is pleased to announce the release of a new song by Loner Deluxe called "Viral Hit". A topical track made during a bout of cabin fever during the ongoing lockdown, for this song Loner Deluxe consists of Keith Wallace (bass, beat generation, synthesizers, vocals and lyrics) and Cecilia Danell a.k.a. A Lilac Decline (electric guitar, banjo, vocals and lyrics). This song acts as a taster for the forthcoming third album by Loner Deluxe which will see the light of day on Rusted Rail later this year. An exclusive digital release via the Rusted Rail Bandcamp page this is a song for these times. Available to stream or to purchase (in these precarious pandemic days for musicians and creators).

Rusted Rail is pleased to announce the release of "Songs I Taped Off The Radio", the second album by Galway-based Loner Deluxe. This cassette album lives up to its title in that it plays like a mixtape curated by the artist himself, taking in his many musical moods.
The album dips its toes into a wide pool of touchstones and influences, from UFOlk to heat-haze beach pop, by way of lonesome lunar folk, library music, cosmic electronica and spooky sci-fi sounds, as seasonally-affected melodies shift and shimmer with the passing of one season to another.
Opening track "Winters Last Fire" had the honour of being included on Volume 7 of An Taobh Tuathail compiled by taste-making broadcaster Cian O Ciobhain, nestled alongside such artists as Sufjan Stevens, Colleen and Nils Frahm.
Featuring contributions from fellow Rusted Rail recording artists, "Songs I Taped Off The Radio2 finds Loner Deluxe at the peak of his powers with guest appearances from members of A Lilac Decline, The Driftwood Manor, Music For Dead Birds, Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon, and So Cow, among others.
Initial orders of this technicolour tape will come with a piece of one of Loner Deluxe's beloved plaid shirts tucked into the cassette packaging: Loner Deluxe is literally giving you the shirt off his back.

Click here to read Loner's Deluxe's track notes for the album

"Must Not Sleep Must Warn Others" was originally released on the Toyko-based Duotone label and has now returned home via Rusted Rail, bringing some old friends with it in the shape of a bonus 3" disc of previously unreleased material called "Lost & Found". The seasonal atmospherics of "Must Not Sleep..." leans heavily on frosted melodies and evocative acoustica woven into mellow, meditative and minimalist music, while the additional disc "Lost & Found" veers from gentle tone poems to ethereal folkways and dreamlike sonics. This double 3 inch hand stamped release is housed in handmade mini-gatefold sleeve.

Loner Deluxe is fond of electrickery. "The Plinth Tapes" is a coastal collaboration, from the southern coast of England to the western shores of Ireland. The original source material was recorded in Dorset by Plinth and mailed to Loner Deluxe for collaging and beat generation. In redesigning the tunes, making new music from previously existing tracks, overdubbing new instruments and adding loops and found sounds, Loner Deluxe recast the fragments. Folkish instrumentalities are beaten up and spaced out and although (re)created in the world of binary "The Plinth Tapes" retain an organic flavour: melodic and warm, this 3inch disc resides in a handmade sleeve.

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