Rusted Rail is proud to announce the release of "Her Darke Aspects" by Good Shepherd, the follow-up to his 2012 EP "Ah...Good The Sea". A sparser but no less affecting outing from Good Shepherd, "Her Darke Aspects" takes in buoyant nautical folk, hushed acoustic confessions and glitch-damaged balladry. Another collection of transmissions from Cambridgeshire, this second release for Rusted Rail by one-man-band Duncan Poyser sees him strip down his sound to its essentials whilst retaining his ability to play on the heartstrings, with serene songcraft eventually overcome by approaching stormy squalls. This 6 song 3" EP is housed in a hand-assembled and hand-stamped card sleeve.

Good Shepherd
"Her Darke Aspects" EP
1. Good today
2. There is a Mountain
3. Sing Again
4. One
5. Song for Isaac
6. End of All

Rusted Rail is proud to announce the release of "Ah...Good The Sea" a five-track 3inch extended player by Good Shepherd. Following the arrival of a handwritten letter and cd at Rusted Rail HQ the disc hasn't left the stereo since. The origins of the Cambridgeshire based recording project of Duncan Poyser are explained by the man himself: "On the 20th August 1991 we sailed Good Shepherd IV the mail boat crossing the choppy Scottish waters between Shetland and Fair Isle. As the swell rose tiny Stormy Petrels bounced off the wave crests and White-sided Dolphins rode the bow. We were tied to the rails so we could use our binoculars without fear of pitching into the foaming, grey waters. Adventures at sea at sweet sixteen. Good Shepherd is my Tascam digital 8 track, I boarded her in the spring 2005 and these are my tentative sailings." Let Good Shepherd's hushed midnight musings and elemental, atmospheric acoustica guide you home. This 3" EP is housed in a hand-assembled and hand-stamped card sleeve featuring artwork by Jason Paul Graham.

Ah...Good The Sea EP

1. Sunday Morning Son
2. Flown The Other Side
3. Slow Down
4. The Beast
5. Cold Swell Rising

Good Shepherd
"Flown The Other Side"

Good Shepherd
"There is a mountain"