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The Declining Winter is the solo musical project of Richard Vincent Adams of Leeds, England, a co-founder of Hood. "Goodbye Minnesota" is his debut album under this guise. Ranging from epic claustrophobia to rustic folk-dub explorations, with spectral atmospheres anchored to pastoral roots, "Goodbye Minnesota" delivers hypnotic melancholia via abstract hiphop, shoegaze, dub and post rock explorations. Along the way there's also rain-drenched pop and globally warmed electronic folk. These are ghostly songs filled with absence, longing and seasonally affected melodies - the sound of cassette tapes spilling out of the glovebox of a 1970's Datsun Sunny somewhere in the north of England, captured on Super 8 film. This CD album is housed in a recycled card sleeve in keeping with the environmentally-concerned nature of the project.

"Goodbye Minnesota"

  Summer Turns to Hurt (sample)
  We used to read books
  I don't really want to be alone
  To Know Gospel
  Oh god c'mon
  The world is an idiot
  Last train to maple grove (sample)
  The clock gently ticking in the hall
  Hey, nick heyward
  Goodbye Minnesota